Top Ten Posts in January 2022, #icymi

Christine’s Go Team! posts together add up to our most read #1. Here’s a sample from January 29th.

#2. Cate wants to know why she’s still menstruating at 53.5 and whether that’s a good thing.

The Year of Tiny Pleasures by Diane is #3. 

#4. Christine Sinclair and Women in Sport by Diane.

#5. Not too late to start Yoga with Adriene’s January MOVE practice #YWA by Tracy

Marjorie’s post about Keeping Fit While Healing from Hysterectomy was #6.

#7. Aging is a Pain: Or is it? by Julie.

#8 is Susan’s adieu to the blog post.

Martha’s post about Angry self care is #9.

#10. Want to join our merry band for 222 workouts in 2022? Here’s how…by Sam

A heart shaped snow ball. Photo by Iga Palacz on Unsplash.