Gracilis cramps: A new bad thing–yikes!!!

File:Gracilis muscle adductor.gif

Do you know what your gracilis muscle is?

I do now. That is, after waking up in the middle of the night with really painful inner thigh cramps, I learned all about it.

I refer to the cramps as ‘really painful’ as someone with some experience in the pain department. Yes, unmedicated childbirth times three but worse than that, gall bladder pain. That remains the worst.

These cramps were the kind of pain that takes your breath away. You just focus on breathing. I considered calling 911. I was worried I might pass out. None of that happened but when the cramps passed I did some googling, as one does.

I chuckled when I discovered a discussion of gracilis cramps on a mountain bike forum where someone commented that it was the most painful thing they’ve experienced and they’ve broken a lot of bones.

There’s a lot of advice out there.

Pickle juice! But really any kind of electrolyte drink is said to help. I’m adding this to my post ride recovery regimen.


Also, stretching. So much stretching.

I’m on it.

A YouTube Video on stretching

Have you ever had those muscles cramp up? Tell us your story.

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