Most read posts of 2021!, #ICYMI

Our most read posts of the year, not necessarily written in 2021. The popularity of some early blog classics lives on.

The most popular post of the year was Cate was still menstruating (2018).

Catherine expressed her Fervent hope for 2021: that “The Biggest Loser” won’t be renewed for a 19th season (2021).

Keeping Fit While Healing from a Hysterectomy was our 3rd most read post, from Marjorie (2019).

Crotch shots, sports photography and the objectification of athletes bodies is an older blog post with words in the title that often get put into search engines. Sam’s eight year old post was our fourth most read post. (2013)

Fifth, was Nicole asking, My Metabolic Age is WHAT?? (2020).

Sixth, was one of Sam’s Zwift posts–Looking for a good beginners race on Zwift? Here’s some places to start (2020)

Catherine’s Yoga poses I simply can’t do, and what I do instead (2019) was seventh.

Eighth, was Catherine’s Sit-Rise test post (2017).

Ten Percent Happier app is free for many types of frontline workers (2021) was ninth.

And tenth was Sam’s Whatever’s Comfortable post (2015).

2021, Photo by Nadin Mario on Unsplash