Catherine’s virtual holiday gifts for her fellow bloggers

Pooh and Piglet. Quote: Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude. A. A. Milne

December is the holiday season for lots of us. I’ve done less shopping than usual, as I’m giving experiences and making more gifts (cards, kitchen magnets- homely but heartfelt).

In the spirit of the season, I’d like to give my fellow bloggers virtual gifts. Online shopping is especially fun when you neither have to pay for shipping nor wait for delivery. Feel free to take inspiration from my choices, and if you have any ideas, please comment below– I welcome creative ideas anytime.

Now to the gift list:

Samantha: I know it’s technically an ugly sweater, but it’s so cute and it reminded me of you, re the holiday llama and the glasses.

The cutest ugly sweater ever, complete with green-capped llama sporting blue glasses.

Kim: I think you and Emma the dog can use a Lovesac for comfort and joy year-round. Here you go!

A humongous, plush taupe-colored bean bag chair and ottoman, with person and golden retriever (latter not included).

For Christine (continuing the dog theme), a customized portrait of Khalee, looking regal in Elizabethan outfit (complete with ruff-ruff-ruff). I know you’ll forgive my extreme corniness here… FYI, you can actually order such portraits here (I’m linking mainly for entertainment purposes).

Khalee, regally attired in Elizabethan dress with ruffle. She likes it.

For Martha, yoga gnomes to add to your collection. Maybe they can run some classes for the other gnomes in your house.

Gnomes (looking suspiciously like Santa, but the internet says they’re gnomes), stretching and doing yoga, broadly construed.

For Tracy: in anticipation of more time spent indoors, a complete set of exercise equipment– for your cats. These may be more aspirational than practical, especially the exercise balls, but you never know…

Diane is a cold-water winter swimmer, so she’s already probably got all the gear she needs. So for you, Diane, I’m gifting a hypothetical photo shoot in icy pond, ducks optional.

Nicole is a blogger of many talents, which includes kitchen expertise. For you Nicole, a set of weight lifting cookie and candy molds.

Bettina is a multi-sport blogger, swimming, hiking, running and cycling. She’s also the parent of a growing child. I think it’s only fair to support her by helping her child look their best– in this case, while cycling with her and her partner. Here’s your virtual jersey, Bettina:

Kiddie Tour de France all-purpose jersey– why not let them be leader, KOM and sprint champ all at once?

Mina definitely seems like the blogger who has everything she needs. One of the things she always seems to have is the right words– for the season, for the mood, for the issue, and for the year. She introduced me to the WOTY (word of the year) idea. Mina, I figured you could use some extra resources for documenting your inspirations. What better way to do that than with fridge magnets?

For Elan, our newest blogger: as a member of the team, you need a team T-shirt. Here’s one just for you!

Blue Fit is a Feminist Issue T shirt, with purple letters.

Cate: you do so much for everyone you love, and you love pretty much the whole world. This year, just in time for for your big trip, I’m appointing you Deputy Ambassador to Uganda (second in command to American Ambassador Natalie Brown). You look very professional, sitting with her at a press conference. We Americans and Canadians gotta work together… 🙂

Our own Cate, on left, with the American Ambassador to Uganda, Natalie Brown.

Susan: in return for posting one of the best animal videos I’ve seen this year (or any year, for that matter), I’m getting you this virtual clear plastic capsule dog and cat bed. Apparently, you can get anything on Etsy.

And lastly, for Natalie: we are both big big fans of Jessamyn Stanley, author of Every Body Yoga and founder of the Underbelly online yoga videos. If I could, I would give you (and me!) an in-person yoga workshop with Jessamyn Stanley herself. It does happen– here are a bunch of white ladies being taught yoga in person by Jessamyn.

Outside yoga class with Jessamyn Stanley and happy yoga students. Natalie and I would be the happiest, though.

Readers, of course I didn’t forget you! I’m sending y’all a big hug and a promise that in 2022 we will all be here, writing, cracking jokes, telling stories, venting, calling out, reporting news, expressing emotion, and moving in all the ways we humans do.

What would you give if you had the whole internet at your disposal? What would you get for yourself? Any thoughts? Let me know.

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