Making Space: Day 14

I hope Tuesday is treating you well and that you find plenty of space in your day to be kind to yourself.

Here is a star for your efforts: ⭐️

And here are your videos!

As always, there is no pressure to do these videos, you do what is best for you. 💚

This cardio workout was a bit of a challenge for me, coordination-wise, but it was a fun challenge, not a frustrating one.

A 5 minute seated cardio circuit video from the Silver Sneakers YouTube channel. The still image is of the instructor seated on a wooden chair with their arms overhead. They are in a room with green walls and beige carpet, and one side of the still image is blue with white text reading 5-Minute Seated Cardio Circuit with SilverSneakers.

I really liked how this meditation video started with a body scan, I find that a very useful way to ‘tune in’ for a meditation.

A 5 minute guided mediation for Cheryl Brause’s YouTube Channel. Still image is of a large evergreen silhouetted against the sky at sunset. The sky is filled with shades of orange and purple. Text reading ‘Find Your Calm’ is overlaid on the image.

No matter what you are doing today, I wish you ease and space.💚

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