Making Space: Day 11

Saturdays tend to be especially hectic this time of year so that’s all the more reason to carve out a little space for yourself when you can.

And since it can be so easy to put ourselves last when things are busy, I want to offer this reminder: You matter. Your peace of mind matters. Your comfort matters. And you have the right to feel good. You deserve space in your own life.

And here’s a gold star to celebrate your efforts to make/find that space however you can, in the way that suits you best. ⭐️

Here’s Doctor Jo (yes, again! I really love her videos) with some relaxing stretches. If you do yoga you will be familiar with them but I really like how she frames and explains them in this video. Also, her dog Remy is in this one with her.

A Relaxing Stretches video from the Ask Doctor Jo YouTube channel. Still image shows Doctor Do lying on her back, pulling her left knee toward her chest.

And this beginner’s meditation was really lovely – simple instructions and encouragement. No dogs though.

A reassuring and friendly meditation for beginners from the Green Mountain at Fox Run YouTube channel. The still image is of a rocky surface with some rocks in sunshine and some in shadow. White text reading “5-minute meditations Simple Guided Meditation for Beginners Green Mountain at Fox Run” is in the foreground.


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