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New Bike for Christmas?

Gift wrapped bike

But not for me. Or for you.

It’s the best bike you’ll likely never ride.

A Buffalo Bike

“This year, instead of selecting a Trek for their Bike of the Year, Trek chose World Bicycle Relief’s hardworking Buffalo Bicycle. It’s heavy, slow, and costs only $165. You can’t buy it for yourself. But it’s going to change the world.

World Bicycle Relief provides Buffalo Bicycles to people in developing countries to help them conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence, and thrive. These bikes help kids get to school, health care workers to patients, farmers to market, and more.

Donate to World Bicycle Relief today and you could help more people gain access to life-changing mobility. Even better? Trek will match your donation now through December 31 to help get even more bikes into the field.*

A donation of $165 will cover the cost of one whole Buffalo Bicycle (or two, including Trek’s match), but any amount helps. Donate today and help make a world of difference.”

But one and donate it here.

Find out more here.

My bike team is also fundraising for them. Our page is here.

TFC fundraising for World Bicycle Relief