Making Space: Day 5

Let’s start with awarding a gold star for your efforts so far.

Image description: a gold-coloured glass star-shaped ornament lies flat on a wooden tabletop. The gold paint on the ornament has a crackled effect.

Even if you haven’t managed to make any space for yourself yet, you have been trying to find that space and your efforts count.

Changing patterns and getting into the habit of making space for yourself make take time, and that’s ok.

Maybe today is the day you can fit in one or both of these videos, or even part of one.

Everything counts!

I love this warm-up from Fitness Blender. It’s short, it’s straightforward, and it has enough variety to keep me from getting bored.

A warm-up video from the Fitness Blender YouTube channel. The still image features a person with long blond hair in black workout clothes standing with one foot on the ground and the other foot raised behind her in mid-kick against a white background.

And as for meditation, I thought we’d check out a waking meditation today.

A walking meditation video from the MyLife YouTube channel. The still image is of a light green circle against a darker green background. Text I’m the circle reads ‘Mindful Walking’

Whether you try these videos, try other videos, or try something all your own, I wish you ease, peace, and space today.

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