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Top Ten Posts, November 2021, #ICYMI

The first five most read posts this month ask (and maybe even answer) some questions.

A question mark. Photo by Emily Morter, Unsplash.

Cate wants to know why she’s still menstruating at 53.5 and whether that’s a good thing.

Sam wants to know where the images are of larger, muscular, athletic women’s bodies.

Guest blogger Nicole asks why wear the same dress for 100 days?

Susan wonders, is it a heart attack or is it perimenopause?

Catherine wonders what to tell snarky critics of e-bikes. Reader: She has some great suggestions.

Our sixth most read post is an older guest post from Marjorie on working out while healing from a hysterotomy.

Be a Fitness Muppet! is our seventh most read post.

Miss Piggy doing karate!

Diane’s “donating her vagina to science” post is our 8th most read post.

Ninth is Mina’s Self-Discipline As Ease and a Path to Joy.

And Looking for a Good Beginner’s Race on Zwift? Sam has some suggestions. That’s our 10th most read post.