Finding clothes to fit athletic women’s bodies

I wrote this post in 2013–8 years ago!–and I’m still struggling. Then I wrote, ” I haven’t worn a button up shirt in many years. If they’re fitted, they just don’t fit. And I’m not a fan of tents.” AND I’M STILL LOOKING! what I want: a fitted women’s dress shirt without teeny tiny arms. It needs to be fitted to work well under suit jackets. Send me your recommendations! Also, pls share your struggles.


Physically fit women face a variety of clothing challenges. Tracy has written about the woes of women who’d rather have a choice not to work out in pink.

I’ve written about how I’d rather risk the chance of visible nipples than wear padded bras but that’s a tricky choice these days when it comes to sports bras. (Short version: I don’t like to surround some of the more sensitive bits of my body in foam and it feels weird jogging along with added structure.)

But the indignity doesn’t end with pink or with foamy sports bras.

I had dinner recently with a friend who is in training for a fitness competition. Of course, we chatted about food and about weight training but it wasn’t long before the topic turned to our favourite lament: muscular women’s bodies and finding clothes that fit. Her leather jacket fit nicely around her waist but…

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4 thoughts on “Finding clothes to fit athletic women’s bodies

  1. This is such an interesting post! I grew my lower body quite a bit doing some heavy squats and deadlifts, I just had to buy a bigger size for jeans/pants. Aside from that, I enjoy how all types of clothes (glam,casual,etc) look on my athletic/curvy-ish frame! ❤️

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  2. Maybe a man’s button-down would work better? I’ve also had pretty good luck with button-down women’s shirts through Land’s End, although they tend to be a little tight in the shoulder for me but not unwearable. I think Land’s End also has a variety of cuts in men’s shirts with different shapes in terms of chest vs waist vs arms.

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