Finding clothes to fit athletic women’s bodies

I wrote this post in 2013–8 years ago!–and I’m still struggling. Then I wrote, ” I haven’t worn a button up shirt in many years. If they’re fitted, they just don’t fit. And I’m not a fan of tents.” AND I’M STILL LOOKING! what I want: a fitted women’s dress shirt without teeny tiny arms. It needs to be fitted to work well under suit jackets. Send me your recommendations! Also, pls share your struggles.

4 thoughts on “Finding clothes to fit athletic women’s bodies

  1. This is such an interesting post! I grew my lower body quite a bit doing some heavy squats and deadlifts, I just had to buy a bigger size for jeans/pants. Aside from that, I enjoy how all types of clothes (glam,casual,etc) look on my athletic/curvy-ish frame! ❤️

  2. Maybe a man’s button-down would work better? I’ve also had pretty good luck with button-down women’s shirts through Land’s End, although they tend to be a little tight in the shoulder for me but not unwearable. I think Land’s End also has a variety of cuts in men’s shirts with different shapes in terms of chest vs waist vs arms.

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