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Top Ten Posts in May 2021, #ICYMI

The first three posts are from months and years past:

At 53 1/2 Cate was still menstruating and her post about it is always on our top ten list.

Catherine has fervent hope for 2021: that “The Biggest Loser” won’t be renewed for a 19th season.

Keeping Fit While Healing from Hysterectomy by Marjorie

From this month:

Catherine tells it like it is–Anti-fat-shaming videos: don’t do more harm than good, folks!

Cate writes The transcendence of moving your body: The Superhuman Strengths of Alison Bechdel’s new book

More from the past:

My Metabolic Age is WHAT?? asks Nicole

My 2013 post about crotch shots always makes this list. Surprise!

And again from this month:

Appreciating All the Moments (guest post) Michele A.

Diane reminds us not to aim to win Darwin awards!

Cate gets the scoop on vaccine shedding and reassures people it’s not actually a thing that can happen

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