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Top Ten Posts in March 2021, #ICYMI

1.Catherine has fervent hope for 2021: that “The Biggest Loser” won’t be renewed for a 19th season.

2. At 53 1/2 Cate was still menstruating and her post about it is always on our top ten list.

3. Open letter to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. of people who gained weight during the pandemic from Catherine.

4. My Metabolic Age is WHAT?? asks Nicole.

5. How A Promising (Young) Woman Gains Sovereignty Over Her Body by Mina

6. Catherine tells the story of how a small victory in a large battle: NCAA women’s basketball tiny weight room gets bigger

7. Crotch shots and up-skirts, Sam’s post from years ago with the words in the title that keep search engines happy

8. Keeping fit while healing from hysterectom, by Marjorie.

9. Sam’s regular beat is Dad Bods here’s the the 2021 Edition

10. Tracy writes about the Fine Line between “Wellness” and Dangerous Misinformation

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts in March 2021, #ICYMI

  1. I missed this note that the hysterectomy post made into the top 10! I’ve been watching it climb in readership over the last half year or so. Not sure what’s changed, but it gets more reads every month now than it did when I first published it. Glad it’s out there, but still annoyed that there’s so little formal information for uterus-havers and former uterus-havers on these topics.

    1. The more people read it the higher it ends up in search engine rankings. And so it continues.. Same with Cate’s menstruation posts. It’s a good post. Glad it is getting read.

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