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Fit is a Feminist Issue Friday Link Round Up #93

5 ways to address negative body image during COVID-19

“For many of us, this past year has been full of stress, uncertainty and rapid changes that make it hard to adapt. These factors can affect the relationships we have with food, our bodies, physical activity and the way we see ourselves. One way to combat negative self-talk and negative body-image is to practice body acceptance. Body acceptance is about more than just accepting how our bodies look at this moment in time. It’s also about accepting that our bodies are meant to change. Our bodies are meant to age, change shape and change size. It’s also important to remember that it’s okay and normal for our eating habits, activity levels and body weight to change over time and in response to stress.  Showing our bodies appreciation for everything they’ve gotten us through can help us cultivate a more positive relationship with ourselves. Here are 5 ways you can honor your body and show yourself a little appreciation.”

Influencer Natalie Noel, 24, bringing body positivity to Sports Illustrated Swim

SI Swimsuit, led by editor MJ Day, has become known for representing inclusive body types as women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages appear across the magazine’s pages. Day has also made a point to select women with empowering stories to tell. In a post revealing this year’s first rookie, she said that Mariduena’s entrepreneurial spirit was one of the biggest reasons that the influencer was selected. “She recognizes the importance of changing the industry, using her following and her notoriety to help others,” Day wrote.”

The Gist Podcast: Ep #57: NBA drama, Aussie Open action, skier Mikaela Shiffrin besting the me‪n

“This week co-hosts Ellen and Steph break down all of the NBA drama including Golden State Warrior Draymond Green calling out the league for their unfair double-standard on how they treat teams and players when it comes to trades. Juicy. Add that to a woman worth watching moment of the week featuring alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin, and this podcast has everything you need. Tune in, won’t you?”

The Master Cleanse on Maintenance Phase

“Are your moods too stable? Is your face free of cold sores? Get your lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper ready, because this week we’re talking about celebrity favorite THE MASTER CLEANSE!Along the way we roast New Atheism, praise Gwyneth…”

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