Top Ten December Posts

1. I Chose Not to Have Children and I Belong Here, Too Mina

2 not my resolution; thoughts on January weight loss from a cheerful chubster Carly (Guest)

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3. I’m 53 and a half and I’m still menstruating: is this a good thing? Cate

4. Sam wonders about balance: How to applaud aging and weight training for functional fitness without shame and blame for those who can’t Sam

5. Want to join our merry band for 221 workouts in 2021? Here’s how… Sam

6. Winter Swimming Diane (Guest)

Winter waves

7. Looking for a good group ride on Zwift? Here’s some places to start Sam

Hopping Penguins

8. Kicking off 221 workouts in 2021 with 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. Join us! Sam

9. Crotch shots, upskirts, sports reporting, and the objectification of female athletes’ bodies Sam

10. How you do anything is how you do everything – and other uninspiring quotes Nicole

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