Most read posts in November, #ICYMI

The most read post this month was, drum roll please….

Animal on the drums!

Cate is still menstruating!

The second most read post was our regular guest blogger Cheryl, On Becoming “Someone Who Does This Shit” 

Maybe not exactly like this, but still..


Martha’s post on body diversity and why it matters was our third most read post.

Understanding Body Shapes for Contouring - Aesthetics
Different shaped bodies

Fourth was Catherine’s post about switching, maybe, to morning exercise.

Good morning!

Number 5 was Mina’s post from last summer which asks, If You Stack A Cord of Wood, Do You Still Need to Workout?

If the Avengers Were Horses... - Jumper Nation

Sam’s post on good group rides on Zwift was our sixth most read post in November.

Girls riding bikes on a gravel road

Our seventh most read post was Christine on caffeine and getting going in the morning.

Winking coffee.

Cate’s interview with Alistair was our eighth most read post, Alistair’s story: fitness as a trans man (Guest Post).

Trans rights are human rights

And Nicole’s interview with Jordan was ninth, Transgender Week of Awareness: Jordan at the gym.

And the 10th most read post in November was Why Catherine’s working on flexibility (but not doing the splits challenge)

Memebase - Splits - All Your Memes In Our Base - Funny Memes - Cheezburger
Squirrel splits

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  1. Congratulations, Cate! I think your blog post will be one for the ages… And congrats Sam on the graphics– perfect viewing for a Monday morning in late November!

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