Sam is loving young person’s yoga

I’m definitely middle-aged. I don’t feel old at all, whatever that means. but I am also not young. Last week I wrote about turning 56. Cate wrote a really thoughtful post about generative aging. I’m still thinking about some of the ideas in her post. Go read it! It’s great.

But not-young me likes lots of young person things, like hoodies, s’mores, and YA fiction, to name just three. Also, it turns out, yoga for young people.

Yoga hasn’t been easy during the pandemic. It’s another challenge both Cate and I have written about. See Cate’s post here and mine here, (Now I can’t find the old post where I talked about my struggles with yoga during the pandemic. Sigh.)

But Adriene Mishler’s short yoga breaks for kids studying virtually at home are just what I need right now. Adriene makes me smile. Adriene is gentle with her younger viewers. I mean. she’s always gentle but in this short series she’s also extra playful and I like that. She teaches tree pose and says how much she likes toppling trees, for example.

See Adriene’s Yoga P.E.

Adriene writes, “This Yoga P.E. Body video break offers a fun set of movements and poses that can improve focus, increase flexibility, boost energy, balance your mood, increase coordination, counter screen fatigue, and decrease anxiety or stress. Take ten minutes to shake it out, get your heart rate going, stretch, and find your balance. No materials required, just a body and your breath. Share this with a fellow teacher, parent, or friend! (Big kids are welcome to give it a whirl too!)”

Here’s my favourite:


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