Will Sam ride a century this summer?


In the before times, my first century ride, 100 km, came early in the cycling season. I have very fond memories of riding to Port Stanley and back in late spring, early summer. See, for example, A feminist fitness bloggers’ century ride to Port Stanley.

I’m afraid Tracy’s memories of her first century ride are less fond. Sorry, Tracy.

When I was riding with a cycling club in London we usually hit the century mark in April or May. Often I’d peak mid summer with an imperial century. Most summer weekends involved at least one 100 km + ride.

Later when I was going on more distance charity rides, such as the MS Bike Tour and the Friends for Life Bike Rally, there were training plans and check off lists that included riding 100 km.

Last year we were in Newfoundland, riding some pretty big distances everyday. Then there were the local tours like the Three Ports Tour and the Gran Fondos. I loved the County Fondo last year.

This year? Things are different these days. There’s a global pandemic happening and it’s changed my cycling habits. All of my charity rides are solo, or virtual, efforts. It’s mid-August and my longest ride of the year is 50 km or so. I find when I’m riding outside I just don’t feel like going that far from home even now that there are places to stop and eat.

I’ll ride 56 km for my 56th birthday. And who knows, maybe this fall a century ride will beckon. But I’m not feeling pressured. It’s okay that this year is different. These are remarkable times.

Oddly, I’m on track to ride more than 5000 km this year which is more than usual. That’s due to the weekday Zwifting which usually adds up to more than 100 km a week. That’s way above normal for me in the off season.

I do see people riding 100 km and even 100 miles on Zwift but I don’t think that’s for me. I need beautiful scenery and real life companions, I think. Also, my butt gets sore on the trainer. There’s not enough moving around.

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