Fave bike songs (or some music for a Wednesday!)

It’s a rainy Wednesday and I’m thinking about bicycle songs and a Spotify playlist. What are your favourite songs about the joy of riding a bike? Here’s an older post with some of my fave bicycle tunes.



Here’s some of my favourite bicycle songs:

1. She Rides, by Evalyn Parry, from her one woman show, SPIN

2. Me and My Bike, by Gracious Collective

3. I Got a Bicycle! by Coco Love Alcorn

Here’s the snowy version

4. Broken Bicycles, by Tom Waits

5. Bicycle Race, Queen (of course) (featuring naked women racing bicycles, of course)

6. Bicycle Song, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Here’s some more lists of favourite bicycle songs:

1. Mixtape:

2. Most downloaded bike theme songs:

3. Total women’s cycling 9 songs about bikes:

 What are your favourite songs about bicycles?

Girls on bikes, in Brooklyn, with stripes and swimming caps.  Like synchro swimmers who're totally over the water!  Yeah!

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