Why is there no hot yoga on Saturday nights?

Hello, folks, and welcome to the latest in our lighter-side series from the Fit is a Feminist Issue archives. Today we explore the question, “why is there no hot yoga on Saturday nights?” Maybe there will be Zoom saturday evening yoga classes starting up soon. If so, you can say you heard it here first, from Samantha! Enjoy…


yogaI was planning my weekend exercise and I generally like to do hard things in the morning and gentle things at night. So usually that’s run/bike or Aikido in the morning and hot yoga at night. But my scheduling runs into a problem on Saturday. There’s no hot yoga at my local studio on Saturday night.

Why not?

Oh right. That’s because the clientele are mostly in their 20s and have social lives on Saturday night.

My guess is that Yoga Girl instructor is out dancing at clubs. (Well, at least that’s what I imagine twentysomethings are doing. Why? Because it’s what twenty year old me was doing and what I miss about being that age.)

I think that if yoga studios started a Saturday night class (HINT! HINT!) they’d find they have an older clientele. Someone might prefer that. I mean, besides me.

I like teaching early morning university classes…

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