Reflections on Thanksgiving

By MarthaFitat55

Friday, I was buzzing around like a stressed little bee meeting deadlines; scrambling to find my keys, my glasses, my whatevers; reacting to my various alarms I set as reminders — you know, the usual minutiae of modern life. I piled out the front door and turned to lock it. And I stopped, transfixed. 

My burning bush had burst into flame with the overnight frost. The mid afternoon sun struck it at exactly the right angle to highlight every scarlet leaf. It was so beautiful I forgot I was supposed to be at an appointment in 15 minutes; I ignored the Fitbit alarm, and I just looked.

I looked and looked and looked. The rest of my day was just as busy but I was transformed by the beauty of that moment.

This Thanksgiving weekend, take those moments to breathe, to look, to notice, to appreciate. 

It’s the little things that will ground you. It’s the little things that will add joy to your day. 

Have a joyful, thankful weekend friends.


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