Links of the Day: To outrage, inform, and amuse

We have a closed group on Facebook for the core blog team where we organize our activities. We post drafts there and schedule things and I share links, a lot of links, #blogfodder, about things we might want to write about but don’t want to share with our booming community facing Facebook page.

Here’s three stories I shared today #blogfodder that cover a pretty big range.


A call to ban eating on public transit in the United Kingdom because you know, obesity.

“Dame Sally Davies, in her final report as CMO for England, said: “Today’s children are drowning in a flood of unhealthy food and drink options, compounded by insufficient opportunities for being active. I want to see our children’s health, not companies’ profits, put at the forefront of government policy. It is every child’s right to live in a world that promotes, not harms, their health.”

Among the recommendations are bans on promoting and advertising junk food, which would prevent deals such as that just struck between the England and Wales Cricket Board and KP Snacks. She also called for a ban on eating and drinking on urban public transport with exceptions for drinking fresh water and eating and drinking for medical conditions. In addition, she recommended price hikes through VAT changes on junk foods high in salt, sugar or fat, with the option of plain packaging as there is for cigarettes.”

There’s a lot one could say. Let me start with “class issues!” and end with “ARGHHHH!”

You know me well enough to fill in the middle bit. Start with If not Weight Watchers for Children, Then What?


The study is here.


Nike “Jesus Shoes” Filled With Holy Water Sold Out For $3,000 A Pair In Few Minutes

I’m not certain but I am pretty sure Jesus the runner wouldn’t pay $3000 for a pair of running shoes.

Christine says she’s pretty sure he’d be a barefoot runner.

Jesus shoes by Nike.

Enjoy! Not back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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