Big blog changes: New blog description, about us, we’re changing

What’s up? As you likely know, Tracy is stepping away from the blog. We’re more explicitly a team now. In some ways we’ve been a team for awhile with varying degrees of involvement from the people associated with the blog.

That’s meant a bunch of stuff: A plea for a new visual representation, a new schedule, and now some new text for the “about the blog” page that appears on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I think I’ve changed them all! Thanks Cate for drafting the new text.

“Fit Is a Feminist Issue started with a conversation blog co-founders Sam and Tracy have been having for more than two decades about feminism and fitness.  What does it mean to be fit? What way(s) does women’s quest for fitness and health contribute to empowerment and/or oppression? And what are appropriate measures of fitness in a feminist context? 

The blog started in 2012 as a record of Sam and Tracy’s quest to be the fittest in their lives when they hit the age of 50 in 2014.  Since then, the blog has grown into an international conversation about fitness, health, aging, and gender. From our original two-voice conversation, we now have a team of regular bloggers, including Catherine Womack, Cate Creede, Martha Muzychka, Christine Hennebury, Natalie Hebert, Susan Tarshis, Bettina Trueb, Mina Samuels, Marjorie Hundtoft, and Kim Solga with an array of guest posters from around the world.  We also have a very active community in the comments on our blog and on our facebook page and twitter feed. Some of our posts are about our personal approaches to fitness/health, and some posts are more reflective, critical and meant to challenge common assumptions. While Sam and Tracy have always been at the core of the blog, in September 2019, we’re excited to announce that our other regular bloggers will be taking on an even more prominent role.    For more on our history, read 

Tracy and Sam’s book Fit at Mid-Life: A Feminist Fitness Journey. (Greystone Books) For more on the future, keep reading the blog!”

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash
Image description: Black gothic font spray paint on a read brick wall, reads “Together we create!”
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