Adulting is hard sometimes

Adulting is hard even for me. And I’m the most adulty adult that ever adulted. I’m good at hard things. I’m the adult other adults ask for advice. I’m an expert level adult.

Here I am. In a car. Not riding my bike. Not paddling a canoe. Not taking part in the Triadventure. Despite best laid summer plans. I’m sick.

Of course the physical activity isn’t what it’s all about. It’s a fundraiser for an important charity. I’ve done that bit. I’m happy about that. You can still give if you want to cheer me up. Donate here

Things went off the rails Friday when my knee surgeon’s appointment got moved. It now conflicted with the bus to the start. Luckily friends (thanks Val!) came to the rescue but then the cold took hold full force. Cough. Sore throat. You know the summer cold drill.

It would have felt right to leave the knee surgeons with a plan for total knee replacement and go straight to the Triadventure. That would have felt like me. Even though I know, I know it’s about community and fundraising and connection I wanted the physical activity. My identity needed it even if my body didn’t.

I thought about struggling through. But friends and family all around me were giving me the look that said, you should just go back to bed. And I did. I’m still sick but I made the right choice.

Sarah and I got hair cuts instead. And now we’re driving up to the bon fire part of the Triadventure experience. We don’t have our bikes but we do have love and respect for the Triadventure team.

I have a three day work retreat starting Monday. I’ll be there well rested and freshly shorn and not exhausted. So adulty. I’m even writing this at a vegan diner eating a plate full of healthy vegetables while I wait for Sarah’s haircut to be done.

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