Not all rides are good rides

Some rides are awful. (You might recall this blog post about the worst bike ride of my life.)

Just like some runs are awful.

Today’s ride might be the second worst ride of my life. It was miserable for four reasons. The first I could have done something about.

Reason 1 was predictable. I didn’t eat enough lunch. I hopped on the bike hungry at 4:30 pm. It’s just 15 km I reasoned. But I had been out on the bike for 25 km this morning. That was a fun ride. Thanks Ellen! 10 km in I was woozy and very happy to see a farmer’s market where I grabbed a veggie samosa and peach juice. I also met these guys.

Reason 2, also simple, a heat alert and high humidity. Okay, ride easy. But hills. With hills there’s no easy for me.

Reason 3, drivers in trucks passing way too closely, too quickly. Some were yelling for bonus awfulness. Also, no shoulder. Nothing really dangerous just really unpleasant.

Reason 4, after the trucky section there was deep wet gravel on the road into the boat club. I fell, gently. Nothing hurt but while trying to get up and get the bike up I got bitten by dozens of mean mosquitoes.

I’m chilling now on the shore, relaxing with this guy.

Watching boats.

Oh, locals who want to know my route, it’s here. It still looks like the best way to the boat club. Suggestions welcome.

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