Not getting a kick out of this

It’s been a bit of a twisty day.

This morning, all the work I had shifted from the past few days ganged up on me and demanded that at least some of it be done.

Then, I spent the afternoon at the DMV so my son could get his Learner’s Permit for driving. (Go, Alex!)

So, my first chance to get to my kicking program was as I was putting supper on the BBQ.

I did my stretches and they were marvellous.

Then I tried to do the drills.

First up were some high kicks – leaning really far to one side to get my kick pretty high up.

I did two and that’s when the dizzy spell hit.

It was not even remotely as bad as Tuesday but I stopped right away and went inside to sit down.

What does an annoyed smirk look like? This.

Sooooo, now I have some additional information. The dizziness definitely has something to do with the position of my head.

And I’ll be avoiding that leaning-head-down position until some medical professionals figure things out.

That means that getting my kicks higher is no longer a viable goal.

My new focus is on better kicks. For me, that means kicks with power that come from having good mobility in my hips.

This is even more of a ‘how it feels’ measurement than before, but I can handle that.

PS – There is no need to tell me that I got back to things too soon. I didn’t. I followed the doctor’s instructions and then stopped when I encountered an issue.

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