Happy first birthday to the book!

Fit at Mid-Life: A Feminist Fitness Journey is a year old. Sam and I have both been getting some sweet memories on our timelines lately: memories of the book excitement from last spring. We had all sorts of wonderful happy experiences around the launch and promotion of the book.

In the “hometown” launch in London, Ontario, we got to celebrate with friends and family, and had this great photo op with our mothers (guess who’s whose mother lol):

Image description: Tracy and Sam in middle, flanked by mothers, all smiling, all short-haired, all well-dressed, standing against a plain wall, podium in the right foreground.

A few weeks later, because Sam had recently taken up a new position in Guelph, Ontario, we had another book launch there. Here we are at the Guelph book launch talking about how the Fit at Midlife came to be:

Image description: Sam and Tracy standing on a stage, each at a standing mic, Sam on left smiling and wearing a dress, Tracy on right apparently in mid-sentence and smiling and wearing a skirt and top, book in the middle on a podium facing the audience, windows to outside in background, the backs of two women’s heads in the left and right foreground.

We also did a lot of radio and even some TV. Here we are at the little cafe downstairs in the Global TV studio in Toronto just before we went up to the green room (is that what they called it?) where we had our make-up done and waited for them to call us onto the morning show for our interview:

Image description: Sam and Tracy, head shot, leaning in towards each other and smiling, cafe in the background.

It’s fitting that on the one year anniversary of the book, the audio book just came out. If you’d like to get the audio book or the print book or the kindle version, you can find them all at or Or even at a brick and mortar bookstore near you, or your local library.

Meanwhile, we’d like to wish the book a very happy first birthday. We had a ton of fun bringing it into the world!

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