March exploits and April realities

March was a month chock full of possibilities for me. Trying out new activities with interesting movements was so much fun. I went to sleep with visions of new athleticism dancing in my head.

New things I tried:
50+ parkour
Aerial silks yoga
Cool agility conditioning in gym
Weight lifting (actually started in Feb, but it’s still new)

April is now here, and reality has arrived with it. Here are some of the highlights:

Jumping down from barriers and landing hard hurts my right ankle (sprained 7 months ago). So does backflipping out of the aerial yoga hammock- you can land kind of hard if you’re not careful (which apparently I wasn’t).

Agility conditioning can be hard on my left knee if I’m not careful about form. Ditto for qigong. It is all slow deliberate movements, but hanging out in a partial squat means being careful about where my knees are. Double ditto for weight lifting. I’m working with a trainer who is also a physical therapist, so I’m in good hands. But, it’s clear I’ve got vulnerable body parts which need shepherding.

Sam has been writing about her knee and the sad news about sports and activities left behind or altered and upcoming changes to her body. My news is more mild, but definitely along similar lines.

For me, April reality means this:

Delay parkour until ankle is more recovered and strong
Consider not doing parkour at all
Ditch aerial yoga
Work on more strengthening of ankles and knees
Be nice to my body and don’t try to do everything
I’ve still got cycling, which is awesome
Yoga feels great too

This isn’t bad news. It’s real news. So let’s go, April. And we shall see what May reveals.

Hey readers— any news on the physical front lines? It’s nice to know we are not alone, and I’d love to hear from y’all.

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