Celebrating Feminist Fitness with our 20,000 WordPress Followers

We’ve celebrated various milestones along the route of our blogging journey. On May 19th, 2013 we were excited to welcome our 500th follower. At the time it seemed like a really big deal. On January 27, 2015 we welcomed follower number 4000. On November 13, 2015 we hit 15,000.

And now here we are welcoming our 20,000th follower! Welcome to our happy place where feminism and fitness meet.

Celebratory fireworks!
Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

Here’s some of the blog regulars talking about what they like best in the world of feminist fitness:


Cycling continues to be my passion when it comes to movement. Over the years I’ve even found joy in winter cycling whether that’s snow commuting or fat biking through the woods. Whee! Zoom!

Sam fat biking at Tremblant on a trail that turned out to be a black trail, for expert, advanced riders. After finding that out Sam felt less bad about being nervous about the cliff and the river on her left side.


I started the Fittest by 50 Challenge back in 2012 not enjoying running at all. Now I love it and can’t imagine life without it. I am most excited when I have a big goal ahead. This winter, the Around the Bay 30K is keeping me focused and consistent in my training. Here I am with Anita after our epic half marathon at the Scotiabank Waterfront half in Toronto in October.


Right now, I’ve fallen in love with the mix of movement that made it possible for me to work out 302 times in 2018: running, spinning, cycling, walking, small weights and yoga. This handstand was only my second ever, and I did it on July 31st, after meeting my goal of working out every day in July. The blend of those activities perks up all of my different kinds of strength and determination, though I think if I had to pick just one right now, it would be yoga. I’m getting so much from the simplest postures right now.


I love Taekwondo because of the mental and physical discipline it requires. I love all the jumping and punching and kicking, it feels like I am using all of my muscles and building my power. And I love how the process of learning TKD has taught me how to understand other areas of my life – how to break things into smaller tasks, how to practice effectively, and how to be kinder to myself while I learn.


Swimming makes me feel awesome. Without fail, I’m in a better mood when I get out of the water than when I get in! I love the feeling of becoming one with the water and how it helps me propel myself along. 


Of all the physical activities I like to do, cycling is my favorite. Seeing the world from the handlebars, whether going fast or slow, near home or across the country or globe– this is where I’m happiest. And the cherry on top is doing this with other people. I love regular summer Friday coffee rides with my friend Pata, renting beach cruisers with my sister and her kids, and going on group vacations that include or are dedicated to cycling. This summer I’m trying not to plan much travel so I can revel in summer cycling in New England. Come join me!


I love my bike. That’s it. Don’t need to kill every strava segment to know it loves me too. (Though when that happens, that’s nice.) Prefer a Sunday when the clouds fly away just in time for me to pull my favourite shorts on. Nothing like waking up to a burst of sunlight and knowing there’s a friend-filled ride ahead. And nothing like the treat to end the ride!


I love rowing and powerlifting. I love rowing for being part of a team and I love powerlifting because I am the team. I came to both sports late in life after years of feeling pretty well non-functional in a sports environment. When you row as a team, you can get to a place where you feel you are flying through the water. That can happen too in lifting. I love that feeling.


As it’s winter, my happy place is on cross-country skis, one of my all-time fitness favourites for the way it makes cold weather a gift,  for the inescapable effort that makes my heart work as absolutely hard as it can; all in a landscape of solitude and quiet.  

Mina cross country skiing (at Tahoe Donner Cross Country in Truckee, CA)

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