Top Tens of 2018: Part 1

Top Ten of 2018 : Our most viewed posts of the year 

It’s not that different than the Top Ten Posts of 2017 which is why I decided to do a separate post, Part 2: Top 10 posts of 2018 from 2018.

Crotch shots, upskirts, sports reporting, and the objectification of female athletes’ bodies

CrossFit and women’s bodies: It’s complicated

Finding clothes to fit athletic women’s bodies

She May Look Healthy But…Why Fitness Models Aren’t Models of Health

“You’ve Lost Weight! You Look Great!” Isn’t a Compliment

Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating Program: A Year in Review

Padded sports bras and nipple phobia

Luna Bars: “Nutrition” for Women

Body hair and winter months: Will the extra leg hair keep me warm?

I walk 20K steps a day… and I’m getting rid of my Fitbit (Guest Post)

Photo by HENCE THE BOOM on Unsplash

Coming up: Our most viewed posts in 2018 from 2018

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