Eat! Don’t Eat! Holiday Magazine Mixed Messages, #ThrowbackTuesday

Over the next few weeks we’ve committed to blogging about all the food anxiety that the holidays bring. There’s so much diet talk. Here’s a post from a few years ago in that spirit. Keep an eye out for our series in the weeks ahead.


xmas-dessertFor over a month now Canadian magazines like Canadian Living and Chatelaine, similar to Women’s Day in the US, have featured holiday recipes–from baking to appetizers to Christmas dinner and Boxing Day brunch (that’s the day after Christmas, for those who live south of the Canada-US border)–these recipes don’t skimp on sugar, fat, chocolate.  See Chatelaine’s“Nine candy recipes to sweeten up the holidays” and Canadian Living’s Seven easy and impressive trifle recipes.”

And then there are the magazines, sometimes the very same magazines, that tell us how to navigate the holiday parties and buffet tables, the lunches and the dinners and the cocktail hours and the potlucks, the special treats left out at the office, free for all takers.

These articles prime us to deal with the excessive amounts of food available through the holidays. And they’re usually put in terms of survival, like “Survive the Holidays…

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