I hate you Weight Watchers (still, reblogged)

Weight Watchers is in the news again with a new name and a new attitude. See here. They’ve added mindful eating and meditation, broadening their focus from weight loss. (But still charging people for weekly weigh-ins.)

“We will never abdicate our leadership in the best healthy eating program for weight loss in the world, but we can be so much more today,” the company’s president and chief executive, Mindy Grossman, said Monday on TODAY. “We can inspire people for healthy habits, to help them eat better, move better, use their mind to help support their efforts and really be about total wellness.”

I blogged about the company some years ago. And I still think they take advantage of vulnerable people and sell a bill of goods that can’t make good on.


Inspired by this recent anti-WW rant, Weight Watchers Probably Won’t Help You Lose Tons of Weight, So Maybe Stop Dieting?, I decided to write my own.

There aren’t many companies I have strong feelings about but WW is one of them. These are my feelings based solely on my experiences and your mileage may vary, yada yada yada. If it works/worked for you, great, though I suspect you are in a very small minority.

Like the author of the above post, I first went to Weight Watchers as a child, accompanied by a loving, well meaning parent. My mum has struggled with her weight all of my life and was at that point a regular attender of WW.

These days she’s also moved on from WW or “wrestling” as we dubbed it–you know a blend of fighting fat and WWF.

So when I first went to a WW…

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