Sam’s monthly check-in: What’s up, what’s down, the June version

What’s up?

I’m on track to complete 218 in 2018. I’m at 93 workouts. In order to be on track to workout 218 times in 2018 I should hit 109 by July 1. That’s 16 more workouts in June. I think I’ve got this. Here’s what 93 looked like when I logged it on our Facebook page: “One hour personal training. Tough. I whined. Trainer said, “Guess your email asking for an easy workout went into my spam folder.””

With the knee brace on I can walk some serious distances pain free. The other day I logged more than 10 km! I was sore the next day but still.

Snipe racing is new and exciting. See Sam tries something new: Snipe Racing Since then we bought our own Snipe.

In June I’m speaking on a panel about women and bike riding. It’s the second London Celebrates Cycling Speakers’ Series from 7-9 pm on Wednesday, June 13 at TAP Centre for Creativity (formerly the Arts Project), 203 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G4.

For the first time since knee injury I’m deadlifting again. Not big weights but enough for now. I feel strong and confident. I know how to do this.

What’s down?

I’m moving houses at the end of June bringing together stuff from a storage locker, our London house, and the Guelph university family housing townhouse. I’m nervous about making it all fit. It’s not bad news. It’s just stressful.

Bike riding is a thing I love that I’m hardly getting to do at all. Too busy. I was last on my road bike more than a month ago. It’s sad.

Weight loss is something I said I wouldn’t talk much about at all. I’m trying, as part of trying to avoid knee replacement strategy, to lose some weight. I can officially now report it’s not any easier when you need to do it for medical reasons. Your body doesn’t care about motives.

So that’s June.

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