Sam discovers compression socks

For years I’ve been struggling with swollen ankles after long flights. Not two hour flights or even four hour flights but six or more, yes.

After my last trip to Europe it took a long time for my calves and ankles to get back to normal. Sarah has a bit of a problem with this too and jokingly suggested that now that compression socks are cool among endurance athletes (thank you ultra marathoners!) we could buy some and try them for flying.

The first bunch I bought didn’t fit me at all. I’ve got very serious calves. And they weren’t tight enough to work as compression for Sarah. They’re funky though.

This trip I actually bought the kind of compression socks I’d previously thought were too impossible old and nerdy to wear. No cool sayings. They’re just black tight and stretchy.

However, low and behold, they work. Fourteen hours of flying to Tahiti and no swelling at all. I’m amazed. And I’m also feeling a bit like an idiot for letting considerations of cool get in my way.

I’ve become that person, flying in yoga pants, compression socks, and bright orange running shoes. On the bright side, I felt great after flying. Whatever, I’ll take it. Bring on the compression socks. They work.

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