First day at new job and Sam is starting as she means to go on

I’ve written before about the idea of starting as you mean to continue. Don’t make big plans for your future self. She’s busy and easily distracted. Instead, do it now, whatever it is. Make it routine, part of your everyday. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike.

Me, I’m starting work today at my new big job.

I’m now Dean of the College of Arts at the University of Guelph. I had planned to ride my bike in. You know, start as you mean to continue? Get people used to the Dean on bike!

But instead, because of my bum knee, I made an appointment at the university sports physio clinic. I’ll join the campus gym too and get lots of upper body work in. I’ve already put a call into a new personal trainer. At my Guelph home (a university owned townhouse) I’ve got my road bike on the trainer. That seems to be my drill these days while my knee is healing.

Wish me luck, both with the new job and with the still injured knee.

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