Sam’s new big job

I’m not sure yet what the fitness implications will be but there’s big news afoot here.

I have a big new job. See here.

Come January 1st I’ll be Dean of the College of Arts at the University of Guelph. I went to my first set of meetings recently as Dean-to-be and I joked on Facebook that I should get them used to my ways. Maybe I should park on the edge of town and ride in. I could be all sweaty and dressed in cycling kit!

I didn’t bike in but I have looked at my bike parking options. I’ve asked about bringing my bike into the Dean’s office. I haven’t yet checked out the school’s fitness facilities but I have ordered my standing desk.

I was happy to see that should I ever leave my bike outside there’s covered bike parking.

And I won’t have to walk my bike on campus. And yes, I play nicely with my pedestrians on my bike. I sit up and ride slowly around people who are walking.

Wish me luck. I’m really excited about this move!

The Guelph Gryphon
The Guelph Gryphon!

9 thoughts on “Sam’s new big job

  1. Congratulations Sam. I worked at Guelph as Secretary of Senate before I moved to Western for the UniversitySecretary job. It’s a really good school – very friendly people. Lots of cyclists! I think you’ll like it.


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