Goat yoga, anyone?

I thought it was a joke but it’s not. Instead, it’s another take on yoga: yoga with goats! It started in Oregon and is now thriving right here at the Full Circle Ranch. I think of ranches as places to go ride horses. But yoga with goats? Now that’s an unexpected innovation.

White baby goat with black markings on lower legs walking on a yogi’s back. Yogi is wearing a red t-shirt and is in child’s pose, though you can’t see the whole pose here because the shot is edited to focus on the goat and not reveal yogis’ identities.
Sam first brought it to my attention, asking me if I would go so I could blog about it. This is a strategy of Sam’s–to encourage me to do things for the sake of the blog. This is how I ended up doing Olympic distance triathlons, running way too far, owning a road bike, and spending an afternoon at the velodrome. I’m often game to try anything at least once. Sam probably thought of me as the goat yoga guinea pig because I’m the resident blog yogi.

I’m also vegan, so you might think I’m an animal lover (Sam knows better than to think that). The thing is, I care about animals a lot. I don’t think they should suffer so someone can have a tasty meal.

But I’m not really into them. And I really don’t want to do yoga with baby goats running around the “studio.” I confess I’m not totally immune to animal cuteness. And baby goats are cute for sure.

Two baby goats on a patch of green grass. The kid that’s predominantly brown with white and black patches faces front, the black kid with white ears, top of head, and some white in its talk is leaning down eating grass. They are both immeasurably adorable. I still don’t wish to do yoga with them.
When Sam first told me about it, I didn’t realize it was with baby goats. Hence, my immediate response: “I’m not going to goat yoga lol. I’m not into farm animals. I’m more of a purist.”

Minutes later I got a text from another friend: “Welcome home! A few of us are meeting up on Wednesday to do a yoga class with baby goats. Do you want to join us?”

Oh, baby goats! And non-yoga friends. What the heck kind of sensation is this goat yoga anyway? I felt briefly tempted.

The concept is to give yoga an unpretentious, playful cast. Also to combine activity with “nature” (I don’t really consider farm environments to be equivalent to nature, but we’ll overlook that here).

Here’s how it went down last Wednesday:

About 10 of the curious kids puttered around the barn while yogis were striking their poses. The baby goats made the rounds to different yoga mats, munched on some hay and got plenty of pets and cuddles during the hour-long session.

Unpretentious yoga appeals to me. Yoga with baby goats wandering around doesn’t. If yoga (even with baby goats) is too tame for you, there’s apparently CrossFit with baby goats too:

Like Sam, I’m a “let a thousand flowers bloom” type of person. It doesn’t draw me to it, but maybe it’s your thing. Kittens I might go for. And for the record, I understand the limitations of writing about a thing I’ve not done. Like I said, do it! Try it! I’m just not an animal person but maybe you are.

If you want to do goat yoga here in the London, Ontario area, you can find information about it here’s what you need to know:

Full Circle Ranch Goat Yoga

When: Wednesdays 7 to 8 p.m. all spring and summer

Where: Full Circle Ranch, 44632 Mapleton Line Central Elgin, Ont.

Cost: $20


Phone: 519-280-0959

If you do decide to do it, please report back.

Does yoga with baby goats appeal to you? If so, what’s the draw?

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