Dressing for fitness

By MarthaFitat55

I had an interesting cardio experience the other day after my workout. I tried to take my sports bra off after a particularly challenging session where I worked my arms extra hard.

It had gotten rolled up in a weirdly awkward place and the more I tried, the more difficult it was to peel this item of clothing off my body.

It isn’t an unusual event for women who exercise.  My trainer once texted her husband for help when she got stuck trying a new one in a shop. But I was home, by myself, and unable to fish my phone from my pocket. Eventually I worked my way out of this predicament, and I think it left me more tired than the original set of exercises.

But while practicing deep breaths and making myself relax, I had time to think about my alternatives.

Going without is not an option. I need the support. Avoiding the uni-boob arising from compression type sports bras is also important because it’s just plain uncomfortable.

Recently I followed a number of sewists on Instagram. These women sew their own clothes, and one of them shared her latest creation, a fancy bra. I took a look at my current bra and have been thinking about making my own.

I should be more precise: I’m thinking about finding someone who could make one or two for me. While I know how to sew, I don’t work with stretchy fabrics.

I also think it might be a better option than trying to find something that fits but was made in a sweatshop or using child labour. I’m still thinkinG about my choices, but I know one thing for sure. The next sports bra I own has to have an escape mechanism.

Have you ever gotten trapped by your workout gear? What do you look for in exercise clothing? Please share in the comments!

— Martha lives in St. John’s. When she’s not playing with heavy plates, she writes.

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