What do you do when it’s all just a bit much? 

Oh did I ever have one of those weeks last weeks. You know the ones. Where it’s all just a bit too much. And the treadmill of life is going a tad faster than your comfortable pace. And people offer to help and you can’t think of any way of delegating that wouldn’t take more time than doing it yourself (this I am sure is a shortcoming that not everyone has). 

When this happens it’s tempting to let go of exactly the things that help me feel better, like running and yoga and personal training and meditation and time with the supportive women in my life. And sleep. That stuff all gets pushed aside to make more space for what seems like an endless stream of work. 

This was my week, trying to meet a deadline.

But what I did this week instead was not push that stuff aside (other than sleep). Oh I wanted to. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to do the things that help me because I had to do the things I had to do. This is a thing with me–an overcommitted work ethic (maybe that’s a euphemism). 

I was making a big push to meet a deadline before leaving for a two week vacation on Easter Sunday. The list of things to do was long and boring and I talked about it endlessly. There was some weeping. 

And instead of skipping out on running and yoga and time with women, I got lots and lots of it. And guess what? I felt restored each time I did it. And I met my deadline. 

What do you do when it’s all a bit much? Are you one who doubles down and works at the expense of everything? Or do you keep to the routine as much as possible? Or some other strategy? Suggestions welcome! 

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