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Bleeding while running and ending menstrual stigma, #tbt

#tbt to the time when I blogged about bleeding while running and ending menstruation taboos. What do you think?


An awful lot of people have sent us the story about the woman who ran a marathon while menstruating and asked us to say something about it. Since I’m still menstruating despite my age (see an upcoming post called “Menopause: Seems I’m Late to the Party”) I thought I’d chime in.

Here’s the People Magazine version: Woman Runs London Marathon Without a Tampon, Bleeds Freely to Raise Awareness. That should give you a sense of how much attention this story is getting.

Kiran Gandhi, who has played drums for singer M.I.A. and Thievery Corporation, decided to run the London Marathon without a tampon. Gandhi let her blood flow freely to raise awareness about women who have no access to feminine products and to encourage women to not be embarrassed about their periods.

“I ran the whole marathon with my period blood running down my legs,” the 26-year-old wrote of…

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2 thoughts on “Bleeding while running and ending menstrual stigma, #tbt

  1. I don’t think I would want to do that, but 100% for any woman who does want to. My only question is about sanitary issues–it’s generally a bad idea to be exposed to another person’s bodily fluids and I imagine cleanup would be difficult/impossible on a marathon course. Some sports (not running, generally), even require participants who are actively bleeding to remove themselves from the field of competition because of sanitation concerns. But running seems to be a pretty clear exception to that–there’s lots of puking, etc. on courses, so why should blood be any different?

    And ugh to running while menstruating. There are not comfortable ways to accomplish that, it seems. I stained my underwear and got major chafing last time I tried. And that was just a short 4-5 mile run! :/


  2. My menstruation is private, not for the world to see and I definitely don’t think any meaningful point was made – just shock value. Besides, I am a heavy bleeder and it would look like a murder scene coming from me.


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