Fit is a Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #84

This is where we share stuff we can’t share on Facebook page for fear of being kicked out! Read why here. Usually the posts are about body image, sometimes there’s nudity but we’re all adults here. Right?

Friends’ pictures on social media have biggest impact on body image

Seeing friends’ carefully curated selfies on Facebook is more likely to induce feelings of guilt or shame among young women, and lead to unnecessary dieting, than images of models or celebrities they see in magazines.

Academics found that young women are more likely to compare their appearance with that of their peers’ images on social media than they were with celebrities on TV, adverts or other forms of traditional media. When they then make an unfavourable comparison with the other woman they are looking at, the impact is more pronounced when the image is on social media.

Women are also more likely to diet and do exercise when negative comparisons take place on sites such as Facebook or Instagram, the research found. The vast majority of study participants were not overweight and did not need to diet.

Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Ought to be Following

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‘Reclaiming Their Beauty’: Tattoo Artist Inks Exquisite Flowers Over Mastectomy Scars

The first time a woman approached tattoo artist David Allen and asked him to hide her mastectomy scars, he says he “politely declined.”

He’d had surgery himself, and knew that scar tissue isn’t the same — it’s not as pliable or elastic, and may not heal as well. “I was hesitant to mess with the scarring,” he says. But the woman kept asking, and after some research he agreed.

The journal JAMA recently invited Chicago artist David Allen to write on “the healing role of post-mastectomy tattoos” for its big audience of doctors and other caregivers. (Courtesy David Allen)
The journal JAMA recently invited Chicago artist David Allen to write on “the healing role of post-mastectomy tattoos” for its big audience of doctors and other caregivers. (Courtesy David Allen)

“It changed me. The gravity of the situation, watching her change,” Allen says. “The way she carried herself, her posture. Her smile, her joy were infectious. I couldn’t believe I was able to use my craft to have that kind of influence.”

That was seven years ago. Since then, the Chicago tattooer (as the former painter prefers to be called) has applied his artistry to more than 70 women who’ve undergone mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

This NSFW Photo Series Is Allowing People to Love Their Bodies Again

Artistic curiosity surrounding the naked body has existed for centuries, and a recent nude photo series featuring a diverse group of people proves that the human form still can still be used to make a powerful statement.

The series, which was created by a California-based photographer Anastasia Kuba, has received lots of praise and sparked ample discussion online for encouraging others to embrace their bodies after struggling with self-acceptance issues. It has also been lauded for revealing the raw body image experiences and challenges of a broad range of individuals, and not just people who fit stereotypical cultural ideals of beauty.


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