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Fit is a Feminist Issue, Link Round Up #83

This is where we share stuff we can’t share on our Facebook page for fear of being kicked out! Read why here. Usually the posts are about body image, sometimes there’s nudity but we’re all adults here. Right?

Powerful NSFW Portraits Reveal What Real People Look Like Without Their Clothes On

With all these nude and semi-nude selfies on social media featuring the perfect bikini bodies, artist Aleah Chapin thought she would show the world something different.

For her newest exhibition “Body / Being,” Chapin showcases honest nude portraits that explore gender and agings of the body. Inspired by the recent transition of her cousin, Qwill, the artist painted all types of different bodies, including both females and males, to show how similar we all really are in the end. “The whole point of [my current exhibit] is to show that we are all the same in the end, no matter if we are an 84-year-old man or a 30-year-old trans individual,” said Chapin. “We all have struggles and experiences of being in a body, and if we could just focus on what we have in common instead of being afraid and judgmental of our differences, I think the world would be a much kinder place.”

The images are gorgeous. Go look! 

Image description; A side view of a fat woman with red hair and wearing green lingerie kneeling. It says,
Image description; A side view of a fat woman with red hair and wearing green lingerie kneeling. It says, “Love Your Body.”


10+ Powerful NSFW Photos From The 2017 Birth Photo Competition Prove That Moms Are Badass

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers has announced the winners of their 2017 contest, and the photos they chose show the struggles mothers go through to bring new life into the world, and the sheer joy that follows.

We took your breath away with last year’s contest, and these new photos will leave you even more amazed. Each one tells a story of pain, perseverance, and finally, relief. They document a baby’s first moments of life, and a family’s first moments of unity.

Many of the photos below are intense and graphic, so reader discretion is advised. They are all, however, powerful in their own unique ways.


There are a lot of things that straight-sized people do not know about being fat and in love. For instance — you may want to sit down for this — fat people can actually simultaneously be happy and fat

Mind-blowing, right?

Simple things like this escape the average person so often that you’d think that “fat and miserable” was an empirical fact rather than a harmful and inaccurate stereotype.

What if I told you that not only can fat people be happy, they can also be loved by an array of folks with different body types? That we, too, can have beautiful whirlwind romances and fairytale weddings?

This Body-Positive Photo Shoot Empowered A Group Of Friends To Find Their Confidence

Every woman has that one thing that makes her feel beautiful. For some, it’s high heels; for others, it’s a bright red lip. But at the end of the day, feeling beautiful isn’t about what you wear, but about the confidence your go-to beauty booster gives you: Nothing is sexier than confidence.

A tightly-knit group of women in Australia recently learned the power of confidence first-hand, when they decided to strip down to their birthday suits and slather themselves in glitter for a sunrise body-positive photo shoot on the beach. The close pals—who met via social media thanks to their shared love of lingerie—had previously gathered in a group member’s backyard to test out the body glitter, and ended up loving the way the sparkle made them feel.

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