Most fun way to get 12,000 steps

New Year’s Eve day I didn’t do much. Some writing, some house cleaning, and that’s about it.

Come seven o’clock, I did change clothes. From sweats into a sparkly sequin dress and pointy toed witchy shoes with skull buckles!

My partner Jeff and I and our son Gavin hopped into the car and drove to a friend’s house in a nearby town for a party. There was lots of fun music, good food, all sorts of drink, and commiseration about the year that was. 

Mostly I danced. To Prince and to David Bowie. I got teary but I didn’t cry.

I was surprised when long before midnight my FitBit buzzed. Seems I’d hit my 8000 steps goal in dance steps. By nights end I’d hit 12,300.

Okay, it might not be the very best way to get that many steps. I’m sure there are some fabulous hikes out there. But still, it was an awful lot of fun. Thanks to our hosts S and M. We agreed, the next day, that our aching backs and feet and knees told the story of our age. But it was definitely worth it. I think we need more regular dance training. Less dance binging on NYE.

At the end we watched this,

And sang along to “Happy New Year Prince can’t die again.”

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