On having an “it’s complicated relationship” with your body

This popped up a few times in my social media newsfeed this week.  And yes, it made me smile. And yes,  I shared it with our Facebook page.

But I shared it with the following text above it: “I like this message…but it’s not always true that our bodies love us. Some of us deal with damaged and diseased bodies, bodies that are broken in various ways. Sometimes we love them anyway, but other times we don’t. And that’s okay too.”

I think a lot these days about the ways our bodies betray us. I’ve lost friends and family members in the past two years to brain cancer, esophageal cancer, ALS, and to stroke. I wouldn’t say that these peoples’ bodies loved them so very much. In my post What does 74 look like? And how much choice do we have really I express my concern that contemporary fitness culture acts as if health and healthy aging were all in our control when it’s not. 

So yes, love your body if you want, if you can. But sometimes anger is just fine too. Right now I’m not that impressed with my knees and I’ve already said goodbye to a slew of minor misbehaving organs: gall bladder, thyroid, tonsils, adenoids…

Can’t say I felt much love for my gall bladder through all that pain. 

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