My running with music dilemma solved?

Why do I run with music? It’s fun. I run faster. And I can’t hear my laboured breathing. All good. Also, since I share a house with other people I don’t get that many chances to listen to loud music.

But there are a few issues.

First, there’s the contrast between the music I like and the music that makes me run faster. I like cheesy pop anthems, feel good tunes of all sorts.

But I read an article about music that makes you faster and gave it a try. Sadly it worked. But it didn’t make smile so I’m back to the dance tunes.

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Second, I’ve been running for years with an old iPod. It’s tiny. I hate iTunes but I tried it for awhile and loaded my iPod with running tunes. Rain, sun, sleet, or snow it’s been me and my little iPod. Until I left it in a hotel in Halifax. They said they had it. They offered to mail it to me. But no iPod appeared.

I’m not going to buy a new iPod. I tried running with my phone but I was unimpressed. I love love love Spotify for running but I hate running with my phone.

What’s a girl to do? David pointed out this device profiled here, Listen to Spotify without a phone using this tiny device

It’s kickstarter campaign is here.

They outline the arguments for not running with a phone even if you love Spotify pretty well. Here goes:

“Every current option for streaming Spotify music on-the-go requires a smartphone. That makes no sense to us. Smartphones are heavy, hard to carry during exercise, have a short battery life, come with expensive data plans, and have fragile and expensive screens. Studies have shown that 24% of iPhone users have a cracked screen, many of which undoubtedly were broken during exercise. In addition, 25% of all smartphone owners in the US incur data overage charges and streaming music is the number one culprit. To make it even worse, streaming services are documented as the most battery hungry apps in the world and can quickly drain your battery in just a few hours. Save your smartphone data, memory, battery, and screens – Mighty is the solution. (Sources: 1, 2)

The iPod Shuffle is an alternative that provides a comfortable music+fitness experience, but it can’t play any streaming music (streaming music services do not work with the iPod Shuffle or Nano). Mighty is the first device ever to play Spotify music on-the-go without any need for a smartphone.”

So I kicked in to their kick starter campaign and I’m hoping the mighty solves my woes.

Oh, for those of you who think running with music is an abomination and that I need to listen to the world around me, to nature, to my own breathing, you can feel better that I don’t always run with music. When I’m running on trails, in the woods, I leave music at home. Ditto when I’m running with dogs.

And for those of you who don’t think running with music is an abomination, what sort of tunes do you like? How do you listen to them? Spotify on your phone, iTunes on an iPod, or something else altogether?

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