Furniture free living and the case for active sitting? #tbt

Throwing it back to the time when I contemplated active sitting….


rocksI’ve been thinking lots about furniture since I moved to a standing desk. I’m interested in how furniture shapes and contains the way we live our lives. It’s the sort of thing that seems neutral but isn’t. Assumptions about the ideal body, about ability, and about relationships shape our furniture choices.  But I confess it’s not just the standing desk that got me thinking in this direction.

When these stone pillows came through my newsfeed from the aptly named page “this is why I’m broke,” I confess to making that “squee” noise. Want!

I’m attracted to multi-purpose rooms,  buying less stuff that’s inevitably landfill bound, flexible housing arrangements, active sitting, and seeing how families around the world live and what their dwellings look like.

Our furniture is so specialized. There are desks for working, kitchen tables for casual meals, dining room tables (that get their own rarely used room)…

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One thought on “Furniture free living and the case for active sitting? #tbt

  1. Reading this post again I’m struck by how doing yoga again woke me up to the need for active sitting and multiple options for moving while relaxing. I have cushions in my house which I use for sitting some, and when I move around more my whole body thanks me.


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