Ask me a question! (Sam’s been having fun talking to journalists)

Black question marks on a whiteboardI’ve been talking lots to journalists lately for some reason. Not sure if it’s the blog or if I’m coming to be known as someone who answers the phone and talks to reporters, but I’ve been in the news a few times recently.

First, there was the campus gym dress code story. See here. I also blogged about it, Sam changes her mind about gyms and dress codes.

And then a sports reporter for the New York Times called and asked me about Chris Bosh. See Chris Bosh’s Desire to Play Leaves Heat at an Ethical Crossroads.

So far so good. But I got stumped when a journalist working on a piece on New Year’s resolutions asked me for unorthodox advise I’d give to people just starting out.

Here’s the question: Please share three, perhaps-surprising/unorthodox things would you recommend women do to kick-start their fitness journey.

I did one does in these situations. I texted for outside help.

Here’s what Sarah had to say:

1. Use your imagination to seek fun. Think and research beyond the usual treadmill, aerobics, and yoga until you find a sport or activity that when you picture yourself doing it, you’re having a blast.

2. Don’t underestimate the importance of convenience. The effort you put into getting to a thing, whether it’s driving across town or choosing an outfit you’re willing to be seen in, is part of that activity. Choosing things that are easy to access for you will improve your chances of sticking with them long-term.

3. Community is important. Whether you find a place that has it, or build your own by working out with friends, doing things with people is way more fun!

What’s your answer? What unorthodox advice would you give to someone just starting out?

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