Sam is Switching Gears for Fall, Are You?

Dark trees with bright yellow leaves against blue sky, found at

I work with a cycling coach. Actually, that sounds odd but maybe I wrote it that way because it just sounds better than saying more simply, I pay a cycling coach and he sends me a monthly training plan and checks in on my progress on a weekly basis. See I love having a cycling coach.

The reason that’s relevant is that I just looked at October and noticed some seasonal changes. I’m weight training again. And running. And cycling less often. In October it’s not the temperatures that put me off, it’s the lack of daylight. Australian cyclists train in the dark but not very many people here do and I hate to ride alone.

Also, I’m putting my canoe away soon. Sigh.

But on the plus side, I’m also hoping to make it regularly to Aikido this fall, though that’s not part of the official plan.

And then there’s the fun random stuff: boxing when I’m in Toronto, maybe more axe throwing, cyclocross riding…

I’m hoping the running goes well. I love running in the cooler weather.

How about you? Any seasonal changes in what you do for fun and fitness?

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