Uh oh! On Strava, gendered memes, and getting back my QOM

I hate those end-of-season emails from Strava. You know when you’ve held on to a QOM all summer but then bang! Someone steals it away.

You know because they email you.  Not the thief, Strava emails you. The message says “Uh oh, you lost your QOM on Boultbee Hill to some Toronto cyclist.”

You look at the person’s profile and see she’s riding a lot. But still, I could do it faster, I think. I look at the men’s times on that stretch to get an idea of what’s possible. Lots of room to do better, I think.

When I share the news on Facebook–because I do that sort of thing–I share it with this image.



Friends notice immediately that we need a women’s version of that meme. A QOM version.

I’ve thought that too. See some past posts:

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Within minutes friends get to work. Here are my favourites. Thanks Cathy!





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