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What a difference a year makes!

Sunday I did the MEC 100 km ride in London, Ontario. You can read here on being the last rider. 

My partner Michel and Randonneur Dave chose to do the Imperial century while Rally David and I did the metric century. I knew my friend Bev would be there. I saw last year’s sag wagon driver, Adam, and of course he runs with Bev and remembered me from our time together. 

The weather was warm and the route had been changed from last year including no bike path riding. 

David and I have been riding together a lot this year so when he says he’s good to go my speed I feel no guilt. 

Last year it took me nearly 6 hours and earlier this year my fastest 100 km had been 5.5 hrs. I was hoping for any finish time between 5 & 5.5. 

The start is tricky as we make a 90 degree turn instead of starting onthe road. I lost David but caught him at the first rest stop as he snacked and waited. Bev was ahead of me and I only saw her at the finish. 

We rolled along at a good pace passing and being passed by the same group of riders. There was a head wind at times and David offered for me to draft behind him. I’m not very skilled at drafting but I was motivated to practice as I wanted a fast for me time. 

I had my first leg cramps at kilometer 60. I’m spoiled and usually have a huge meal around 50 km with soda, water and electrolytes. That’s made me a bit lax on keeping in top of my nutrition. 

I ended feeling fairly good despite another round of cramps at the 80 mark. A misunderstanding around electrolytes had me drinking way to watered down drink. 

I pulled into town feeling amazing, a little tired but really great. David had kept track of speed and time and we hit the 5 hour mark around Highbury and rolled into the finish at 5:15!!!! Wahoo! And I felt great. It was a great ride with David and a confidence booster for the rally. 

What a difference a year makes!

sweaty and satisfied with a great ride

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