Walking faster DAGNABBIT 

I noticed the past couple of weeks my 2 km walking commute is now taking 20 minutes. While my walk to work got shorter by half a kilometer when I changed jobs the time it takes has dropped drastically. 

A couple years ago it took 45 minutes to walk 2.5 km and about 3,500 steps. This week I averaged 20 minutes for 2 km and steps were well under 3,000. 

My stride has lengthened as my body has adapted to walking and my pace has increased. Great! Except this means my commute no longer gaurentees an hour of walking and hitting 10,000 steps. DAGNABBIT!

For me it is a reminder that my body adapts to movement, always seeking the most efficient path. This is at odds with my fitness goals of compensating for a sedentary job. It means I must add more movement to my schedule to keep hitting that 1 hour mark. 

It makes me a touch cranky that what I need to do to be healthy is shifting. Well. It makes me a parody of cranky. 

Oh and please peruse our awesome merch, net proceeds go to The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. 

About natalieh

I'm a self described fat feminist 42 year old mother of two teenage minions who loves her high energy life partner of over 20 years. I love moving my body and sometimes do yoga, triathlons and dance like a fool. My next measure of success will be being more fierce and less fearful as I roll through my 40s.

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